Uniforms provide an important means of athlete identification and identity for the sport of Little Athletics.

Little Athletics Queensland recognises that the style of uniform an athlete wears is a matter of personal preference. Parents/caregivers have the responsibility to ensure athletes are attired appropriately, considering factors such as:

  • Sun protection
  • Athlete comfort
  • Religious beliefs
  • Age appropriateness

Especially when representing the centre at other events, all competing athletes must be attired in the correct Centre uniform, which conforms to the Centre design and colours approved by LAQ. The uniform must be worn in compliance with the items design, e.g. not rolled up or down. Failure to comply with this will lead to the athlete not being allowed to enter the competition arena.

Children representing BRLA must wear the correct uniform and of the correct colour. All tops warn in competition must have the athletes number attached.

NOTE: There are no age or gender requirements for the use of any uniform item, however be aware that some items are only available in certain sizes.

Logo & Patch Placement

Registration bibs are to be affixed to the front of the uniform top and must be entirely visible.

The age label is to be affixed to:

  • The left shirt sleeve or,
  • For a top without sleeves, on the left leg of the bottoms and not be covered by the top.

The Coles patch which is a National membership requirement, is to be attached to the right breast of all Centre uniforms. These patches are required to be sewn on and are to cover any previous logos/patches.

  • Centres may choose to sublimate the Coles logo onto their uniforms but must contact LAQ for assistance.

A club sponsor logo may be included in the centre, below the neckline, to a maximum size of 25cm2.

The left breast may include the Centre logo to a maximum size of 40cm2.

A club sponsor logo is permitted on the lower back, to a maximum size of 30cm x 10cm.

LAQ reserves the right to set aside other parts of Centre uniforms for LAQ sponsorship at their absolute discretion.

Athletes may wear a polo shirt, singlet, crop top, t-shirt or bodysuit in the colours and design approved for their Centre by LAQ.

  • All Centres must provide the option of a polo shirt to ensure a sun-safe choice for athletes. Singlets, crop tops, t-shirts or bodysuits can be offered in addition, at the Centre’s discretion. (Bodysuits are not offered by BRLA)
  • Crop tops are to be of sufficient size to clearly display the registration label so that the registration number and sponsor logo are entirely visible. The depth of the crop top must not be less than 15cm.

Athletes may wear shorts, skirts, bike pants, racing briefs or compression garments as approved by LAQ.

  • Athlete bottoms shall comply with the approved centre uniform colour or be predominantly black.
  • Bike pants, compression garments and shorts shall be above knee length for walks events. Athletes not in walks events may wear full length compression garments or tights on their legs.
  • A manufacturers logo is permitted provided it is no larger than 5cm x 5cm.
  • A club sponsor logo is permitted to a maximum size of 10cm x 5cm.

Socks or compression socks are not considered part of the Centre uniform.


It is compulsory for athletes to wear footwear in all events. Spikes can be worn by athletes in Under 11s and up in laned Track events, Under 13s and up can wear spikes in laned and un-laned Track events.