We are often asked what events do each age group compete in and what is the program for this week. Due to the flexibility we build into our weekly program to allow for a multitude of factors, we cannot publish each week’s program, however please view the attached PDF to see what events each age group can compete in.  Events for each Age Group


At Bracken Ridge Little Athletics, the weekly Centre program for the Tiny Tots is made up of suitable play training events, games and modified events relevant to the abilities of the Tiny Tot age group. Examples of the activities for the Tiny Tot age group can be found in the Little Athletics Queensland Games manual, ASAP Manual or the Australian Sports Commission’s Play Athletics manual. Children participate in athletics primarily to enjoy a social situation and mix with friends. Games are spontaneous and free form activities designed to give confidence to the participants.


FAST is a Fundamental Athletics Skills Training session designed to be run for a one hour duration utilising games and skill development activities to teach the basic, fundamental movement patterns of the events experienced in a Little Athletics competition. It teaches these skills and leads up to a modified “competition” at the end of the season. Each FAST session will have one warm up activity, one running activity, one jumping activity and one throwing activity. Each of these activities are 10 – 15 minutes duration so that the athletes will experience a lot of skill development in a short amount of time. During the last 6 weeks of the season, U6 athletes will experience participating at event areas with modified equipment without times or distances being recorded.


The focus at early ages (4-9 years) should be on the development of fundamental movement skills, and as children progress developmentally from childhood to early, mid and late adolescence (approximately 10-19 years), the emphasis of training moves to more specific technical skills, increased training loads (volume and intensity) and competition. (Long-Term Athlete Development Framework)

At Bracken Ridge Little Athletics, the U7 athletes will be given guidance and assistance when participating in the scheduled activities. For the first 6 weeks of the season, the U7 athletes/events will not be measured or timed. This will give the athletes more time to develop their fundamental movement skills


The age divisions for Little Athletics is determined by rulings on a state basis.
We prefer all athletes to attempt all events offered, unless there is a valid reason for not doing so.
Please advise the recording desk of any past sicknesses, injuries or otherwise.
Insurance cover applies to all registered athletes (aged between 3 & 18 years), coaches, members, voluntary workers.