We commenced our association with QLAA (Qld Little Athletics Association) as Bramble Bay Little Athletics Centre in 1981/1982 with our first Centre Manager being Kathy Lynch.

Only a handful of athletes registered for the first season and Nashville State School was the venue for competition. The Centre has grown considerably since then with around 60 athletes registered by 1995. As you can see by the growth in numbers we were forced to make some changes to the centre and the first of those was a move from Nashville State School to Curlew Park. After several years at Curlew Park we were on the move again, this time to a bigger venue and a change in direction. The 1998/99 season saw us move to McPherson Park and also saw a name change to our current one, Bracken Ridge Branch Little Athletics. By 1999 we had 80 registered athletes and now on average we attract around 280 athletes to our centre. The highest number of registrations we have had is 301 in the 2006/2007 season. We are now one of the larger Centres in our Region. We are part of the LAQ (Little Athletics Qld) Metro North Region.

We will continue to strive to make our Centre one of the best in the area and with new equipment continually being purchased and some other plans in place through the grants scheme, we will endeavour to make our Centre a place where your children will want to come to compete.