I have spent many years of involvement with Bracken Ridge Little Athletics Centre. When my son brought home a flier from his local school advertising Little Athletics I thought “after teaching Phys Ed all week it would be the last thing I felt like doing!” That thought didn’t last long as after my first night at McPherson Park I haven’t regretted a minute!

Throughout that time I have held many positions but I continue to fulfil the role of Centre Manager. Being involved with any sport or organisation you experience the fun and passion of many other people who are involved. That includes all the volunteer parents, committee members and most importantly the children.

Being a part of many years of athletes achieving at all levels is a very rewarding experience and there is nothing more exciting than an U6 coming up to you telling you about their PB! Remember, at our Centre we do not have age champions but all athletes achieving their own trophy levels therefore making them all champions!

We, as a Centre, endeavour to provide a positive experience for all so that your memories of Little Athletics is a treasured one. Please understand that rules and regulations are in place for everybody’s safety and to run the Centre effectively. The nature of the sport is that we need parental involvement on a weekly basis and at optional carnivals. Children love having their parents involved and if we can share the load it makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

I hope this season is a successful one for all & please feel free to ‘stop me in my tracks’ on competition nights if you have any queries.

Sue Williams
Centre Manager

Sue Williams – Centre Manager